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Katina Redmond

Counseling Intern


Katina is pursuing her Master’s degree in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling with Messiah University. She has previous undergraduate and graduate degrees, respectively, in Business Administration/Marketing and Strategic/Organizational Communication. Although the art of skillful communications was a significant interest, Katina realized that her deeper calling is to work towards the personal welfare of individuals.


She seeks to accomplish this by helping clients strengthen the way in which they feel about themselves and the important relationships they have with others. Therefore, Katina is willing to work with all ages presenting various relational issues.


In addition, Katina hopes to help counsel couples for premarital counseling as well as those seeking to improve their marriage and earnestly want to avoid divorce. As former divorcee, Katina is aware of the prevalence of divorce and some of the challenges individuals face while trying to recover from one or more divorces. 


Katina has an eclectic style and likes to glean from techniques found in Narrative Therapy, Family Systems Theory, and Emotionally Focused Therapy. Katina respects the values of clients. Her personal spiritual conviction is the Christian faith. 

Katina operates
using the following method...

Clients are seen for a reduced session fee of $50.

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